Geek Peek is a podcast for geeks, creators, or geek creators. I interview cool people who make awesome stuff and sometimes talk about being a creator or other geek things. Take a peek with me on the next awesome thing!

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Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City Chapter II Interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan

In this interview, I asked Brennan what should we expect from The Unsleeping City Chapter 2. It was a lot of fun because The Unsleeping City is one of my favorite seas...

Dimension 20: Pirates of Leviathan Interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan

An interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan about Pirates of Leviathan.

Dimension 20: A Crown of Candy Interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan

Brennan Lee Mulligan dives with me into the lore and characters of Dimension 20's A Crown of Candy. A great appetizer for people just getting into A Crown of Candy.

Never-Before-Published Audio Interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan

My first ever interview with Brennan was recorded using a low-quality phone call and transcribed for my blog. Now, it's the first time I'm sharing that recording with...

Welcome to Geek Peek - Podcast Introduction and setting expectations!

A short introductory episode! Who am I? What to expect from this podcast, and where to find me online?

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