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The Podcast is Not Dead! (pod status update)

A brief summary of what's been going on and what to expect next.

Dimension 20: Mice & Murder Interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan

I interviewed Brennan Lee Mulligan about Mice & Murder and asked him fan questions. Originally published on YouTube in April 2021.

Creator Interview with Mike Trapp About Chuffah and Um, Actually (2 out of 2)

This podcast episode is my second interview with Mike Trapp that happened before the launch of his newsletter Chuffah and a new season of Um Actually in January 2022.

Creator Interview with Mike Trapp (1 out of 2)

Creator interview with Mike Trapp. We talked about Trapp's show - Um, Actually, his character on Dimension 20's Escape From The Blood Keep and more! Enjoy!

Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City Chapter II Interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan

In this interview, I asked Brennan what should we expect from The Unsleeping City Chapter 2. It was a lot of fun because The Unsleeping City is one of my favorite seas...

Dimension 20: Pirates of Leviathan Interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan

An interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan about Pirates of Leviathan.

Dimension 20: A Crown of Candy Interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan

Brennan Lee Mulligan dives with me into the lore and characters of Dimension 20's A Crown of Candy. A great appetizer for people just getting into A Crown of Candy.

Never-Before-Published Audio Interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan

My first ever interview with Brennan was recorded using a low-quality phone call and transcribed for my blog. Now, it's the first time I'm sharing that recording with...

Welcome to Geek Peek - Podcast Introduction and setting expectations!

A short introductory episode! Who am I? What to expect from this podcast, and where to find me online?

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